Apple Car: America’s Famous company Apple Inc is entering the automobile sector to try to launch an apple car. In  2014-2015 , Apple started a new car project with 1000 car experts and engineers developing electric cars in a secret location near Cupertino headquarters. The project was approved by Apple CEO Tim Cook and assigned to Steve Zadesky, Apple’s vice president. Rumors suggest that it will be a self-driving electric vehicle with all the bells and whistles of Tesla and other EVs.

Apple Car partnership:  

 A partnership with a manufacturer like Hyundai or BMW, or looking for another option, are both possibilities. Apple’s electric car project involves the development or research of an electric vehicle. In 2018 Apple openly discussed and said 5000 employees working on this project. Hyundai has announced that it is in initial talks to work with technology giant Apple to develop a driver less ‘self-driving’ electric car. “Apple Inc” is the first company to launched self-driving car in the market. Google is also a workings on autonomous driving cars. 

6 to 7 year ago start electrical car project: 

Six to seven year ago Apple started a new self-driving car project, but the secret name is defined as Titan. The sketch of this car was first displayed to the world in 2014.

When can the car come:

Apple has no information about the car publicly, Reuters  gave some information about the launch of the car in the American market by 2024.

Battery will be strong:

In this Apple car, the company is reportedly using Next Level Battery Technology, which will be the biggest selling point. The battery is believes to reduce the cost and provide greater driving range. The company can make this car with a “monocell” battery, which will fit into a small space.

The company can do outsourcing:

According to reports, the self-driving car will also outsource some aspects such as the liDar sensor, which gives the car a three-dimensional view of the road. This technology is going to improve driving significantly.

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