Lemon Water

Lemon is one of the most popular and versatile citrus fruit. Its popularity is due to its fresh flavor and it is a popular choice for the taste and fragrance to many respective dishes and perfumes. Lemon is widely used in all types of drinks, from tea and cocktail to juice. With its apparent use as a flavor, lemon has long been used for its medicinal value. A rich source of vitamin C, ranging from antibacterial and antiviral properties in lemon, has the health benefits of its immune system. One of the most common ways to regain health with the help of lemon is to take its juice. Lemon water works as a digestive and detoxifying agent and helps to clean the liver for better digestive health.

Lemon can help in about 7 Days, there are so many benefits when we take Lemon water

It helps in weight loss

Lemon juice with warm water helps in quick weight loss because it promotes digestion and increases metabolic rate. Lemon is high in pectin fiber, which helps in reducing appetite. In the study, people who maintain a more alkaline diet, actually lose weight faster.

People who drink lemon water regularly, they report easy weight loss, although it is not clear if the combination of lemon and water is the primary driver. It can be those who drink more water helps the dieters feel full and avoid overeating.

It improves your skin quality

Vitamin C found in lemon can help to reduce wrinkles, reduce aging due to dry skin and sunlight. If your skin loses moisture, it becomes dry and there is a possibility of wrinkles, so drinking more lemon water to reduce the wrinkles and water loss. Not only does the hydrated skin remain tight and smooth, but it also has the opportunity to expel the toxins through perspiration. Vitamin C is good for your skin and bonds with free radicals that accelerate aging.

It’s a good source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that has a ton of health benefits, that helps cells to prevent free radical damage. Vitamin C can help prevent or limit the common cold in some people, but studies are conflicting.

Vitamin C can reduce heart disease and stroke, and low blood pressure.

While lemon is not on top of the high citrus fruits list in Vitamin C, they are still a good source. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, lemon juice provides approximately 18.6 mg of vitamin C.

It helps prevent kidney stones

One of the major health benefits of lemon includes its ability to treat and prevent kidney stones. Generally, kidney stones come out without much discomfort from the body, but sometimes they can block the urine flow and cause intense pain. By drinking lemon water, it helps to remove the stones from the body. This, in turn, reduces any risk of formation of kidney stones.

Stable Mood

Studies have found that smelling of lemon juice causes fewer stress hormones that control the mood. Lemon oil is usually used in aromatherapy products for that reason. Along with this benefit drinking lemon, vitamin and potassium are also found in the fruit.

Potassium plays a major role in controlling blood pressure, and high blood pressure is related to stress, so getting adequate potassium can definitely affect the mood.


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