Hi Friends! I love decorating for Christmas so I thought we put together some great tips and tricks to help you with your holiday decorating.

So you’re decorating your tree and you put your ornaments for they would naturally go then you look at the tree and think it doesn’t quite look finished one of the things that a professional decorator does when they’re doing a tree is to fill in with more than four minutes they use pics like branches and pine cones and flowers these clips and that can be birds or other ornaments pics and clips and branches these are the things that filling your tree so it’s beautiful from top to bottom.

One of the best ways to make your entire house look gorgeous for the holidays is rip Ridin makes a huge difference by the way look for the ribbon has wire in the edges to keep its shape you can use ribbon around a tree, in a tree on top of the tree you can use ribbon as a centerpiece, you can use ribbon at the end of a stairway you can use ribbon on to read you can use ribbon you get the idea anywhere so what I’m telling you is stock up on revenge it’s going to make your holiday.

The reason the front door very very welcoming REITs are beautiful all of your house think about reads to put on the inside the windows think about worries that you can literally hang down the stairway with the garland or put at the end of the story with the big though you can lay them flat in Houston the center pieces put them with candles and reindeer and Santa clauses and all the things that you love for the holidays REITs can go everywhere.

Color is one of the most fun things to decorate with during the holiday so think about doing each room on color scheme and if you’re not sure where to start with the color scheme to colors that look good together and then do different shades of each of those colors if you’re going to do red and gold two shades of red and shades of gold it will keep your eye moving around the room when you come in and make that room and experience.

One of the most important things to do when you’re decorating is to have a variety of shapes and textures and height put them all together if you love sparkling ornaments rate don’t get them all sparkly gets a mad and get some shiny little sparkly use different textures and ribbon different textures and ornaments and different textures and decorating and is going to make it look great when it all goes together.

When you walk into someone’s home that really feels like Christmas you might not have noticed but I bet they decorated the entire room sometimes we do the tree and then we stop and they wonder why it doesn’t look finished so when you finish your tree take little pieces of the decorating theme that you used in your tree and continue them throughout the room every year five falls have a little bit at the Christmas holidays.

Only makes the room feel finished when you walk in and a matter where you look it looks.

I think the one thing that can make the biggest difference in most people’s holiday decorating that they are using right now is picks, a pick is simply a decoration on one end.

With a long stick this allows you to just literally port anywhere you’re gonna filling your trees with this you’re gonna filling garlands with this you’re going to fill in reads with this you’re going to use this as centerpieces topped the men everywhere they finish everything and they make the biggest difference in your decorating.

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