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Hi everyone through this article, I’ll give you the information about a new season, new fashion trends.

Now Winter season has come. So trends also going on according to winter. I am going to describe each trend regarding color, fabric, etc.

There comes a different type of fashion every season. Same here, I am seeing a trend of this season. This winter variety of colors, the fabric has come and people are going market to purchase their choice with fashion. I see colors, padded shoulders, velvet, and shiny fabrics are going on in fashion.

Below, I am sharing information about color and fabric…


Firstly, I would like to discuss the color in which color is in trend this winter.

If I talk about color, then shades of brown have been very popular, brown is a neutral color, you can use it just like navy blue or black, to really ground the look and when you combine different shades of brown with some deep reds and yellows, you can get a beautiful color.

It is a fact of life All the dark colors like black, gray and brown are very dominant in winter. Most of the people prefer these colors. The dark color is very comfortable for winter purpose Because we can wear winter attire for more than two days which is the best thing in these color attire


The natural and most common fabrics include wool, linen, silk, leather, hemp, and cotton. The synthetic or man-made fabrics include polar fleece, spandex, polyester, nylon, and acrylic to name a few types.

The man-made microfibers are more lightweight but combined with wool can be just as warm as pure wool I think. Although wool does keep you really warm.

Winter Hat Fabrics

Just as with winter clothing, many of the same winter fabrics are used for hats and caps, shawls and scarves. The most common winter fabrics used are:

1. Fabric choice for outdoor clothing

Depending on where you live, or If you are going outside your home, state, city or country then you will prefer attire according to that place season. If that place is the very low temperature, then your choice will be of thick and warm cloth which should be trendy or you can say should be according to fashion.

2. Fabric choice for indoor clothing

It is a fact which attire you will prefer to Depend on where you live. If you live in such a place where it is no much more winter then you will choose to think of clothes otherwise You will prefer thin and warm attire.


At last, I will say that people always make fashion. So which fabric, color people like undoubtedly that famous in the market. Nowadays people have been very conscious for their dressing sense. So, Fashion plays a big role in people’s life.



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