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As the year starts, everyone begins to look for the new and advanced or updated technology that will ease the daily activities or may help in improving their day to day life. Here in this blog, I will write about the 5 amazing gadgets that help you grow out of the stressful life and live the life to the fullest. I will link all the gadgets in the Blog and by clicking on them you can directly buy the products through my affiliate page, I will get the commission and you need not to pay any extra cost.

The List Goes Like:

1. Muse: Stress is a monster with a thousand faces and this is what the other name of calmness is, this is muse the brain sensing headband, the calm in the eye of the storm. Muse helps you learn to manage stress, stay calm, remain focused and accomplish more. You can pair the muse with your smartphone or tablet put on the headband, adjusted for a proper fit and launch the muse app.

A Few Lessons Are Like: Each time you regain focus and settle the wind, you’re building your brain’s ability to calm itself. The more you use muse, the better you get at wins.
Every time you need to
The sensors in muse monitor your brain activity the same way a heart rate monitor measures your pulse real-time audio and visual feedback gives you insight into how your brain is working moment to moment and tracks your long-term programs. The result good ridden stress.

So cope with the stress with the help of Muse and by using this. Muse, the brain sensing headband.

Do More with Your Mind and More With Your Life.

2. Polaroid Pop: The Polaroid pop it’s almost the same, but now automatically prints full-color prince full color photos in the classic three by four format with the border and who does not like the border which enhances the beauty and quality of your photographs. The Polaroid Pop also lets you write caption directly on the photo and print instantly.

It is easy, you just need to connect it to the mobile device and your Polaroid pop becomes an instant photo printer and you can even share on Facebook or Instagram immediately making the sharing easier. Now no more flopping the photo waiting for it to appear it’s instant.

The screen is changed too than the earlier model, it has four-inch touch LCD screen to frame and navigate and put emojis and share and print. Photographs never get old, they just improve over time.

3. LifieEye200: From the team that bought you LifieEye, introducing the all-new LifieEye200 for android.With the world’s smallest and lightest 360-degree camera, backed by our advanced technological expertise in chip manufacturing, LifieEye200 provides breathtaking images and videos, as well as virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. LifieEye200 lets you capture moments the way they actually happen putting yourself right in the middle of the action with Lifie around users can create three sixty degree virtual spaces just about anywhere.

You can easily tag locations and virtually navigate your way through and share your moments instantly, send to friends, upload to Facebook and YouTube or save it to the cloud. You can even live stream right from your location simply by using our Lifie view200 application with the augmented reality features inside Lifie scroll, users can add directions and build 3D objects in a few simple taps then shared with the rest of the Lifie  community for all to enjoy expand your reality and go beyond what you ever thought possible with our wide range of innovative camera accessories perfect for work or play on your smartphone or laptop LifieEye200 makes sharing immersive three sixty degree content with co-workers and friends both fun and easy.

LifieEye200 lets you capture and share all your moments seamlessly like never before.

Join the 360revolution to live and record bigger.

4. Lumes: On average, we spend around five-six hours on mobile devices to entertain ourselves and compromise a lot, but we don’t need to compromise as a new projector Lumes, the world’s smartest all in one projector with 1,500 ANSI Lumens of brightness capability.

In this project 160 inches big screen with 0.3DLP. It can work as a speaker, projector, and a power bank simply all in one entertainment solution. It has an inbuilt projector that let you watch Netflix, YouTube, and applications with amazing sound quality from its 360 degrees 5-watt speakers and has an amazing battery so you can enjoy 8 hours of video playtime and 50 hours of continuous music playing.

It works with Android and iOS. It supports Android and IOS devices and helps to play your favorite games on big screens.

Our Lumes team applies their expertise to develop teams with the best specification and also help to enjoy the 3D movies with high quality.

5. Mevo: What is a ring, it is a promise between two souls dedicated to each other to care and love. Mevo help to capture the photographs and help to live the moment capture forever. With Mevo, it is like having a professional camera crew in your pocket.

You can cut and zoom from a single Mevo, as if you are shooting for multiple cameras. Or set the Mevo on autopilot and let it do the live editing for you.

Mevo streams live to every major platform, so you can reach your audience, wherever they and it streams HD video over wifi or broadband. To look great, you got to sound great. Mevo makes it easy to capture professional quality audio and with the boost accessory, you can stay alive for over ten hours.

So with Mevo, do the live streaming, share the moment, reach more client, get your message out or connect with your fans. Look your best With Mevo.

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