Amazon Echo

The technology that we use every day has been upgraded, and it has become an integral part of our lives. Sharing the specs and specs of the new Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen, meaning that the old version has been upgraded with new and improved features. But first of all, let us know about the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen and how it differs from the old version.

The old version of Amazon Echo Dot had a plain plastic case which seems like a tech device for laying at the corner of the house. The new Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen is of a textured material case and looks like the Google Home Mini. It blends well with the surroundings and decor which means that it has improved a lot over the original one. It is also available in colors like charcoal, grey, and sandstone so that you can choose the one which suits your home the best.

The top has controls that were in the previous models as well which were the volume buttons, a mic button sharing the feature to mute to stop Alexa functioning and the activation button which is rarely used when it does not pick your voice. Being present on the top, these are of not much use.

The change that Amazon had made in Echo Dot 3rd Gen is that it is no longer a USB powered as this model needs more power, not more but just a little. There is a 3.5mm output for audio on the rear side through you can hook up the stereo for more powerful sound apart from using the USB, Bluetooth can also be used. As per the size, here again, it beats the older version by few mm’s but still, it makes a difference

Alexa is working in the cloud, the Echo Dot 3rd Gen shares the same range of features. It is a smart assistant and is handy also. You ask Alexa and Alexa will tell you about things like upcoming weather, upcoming movies, spellings, the ranking of TV shows on IMDB, can even find the result to the maths problems(hehe..). It also recognizes your voice and answers your question even when in noise but all you need to do is shout a little loud to wake up the dot which means that it has promising noise cancellation.

Moving to the sound quality of the Echo Dot’s new 3rd Gen set, for the straters, the sound may feel a little loud but clearer. The latest version of sound adds an extra clarity making it a lot easier to understand.

The price is similar to the older model but with better specs. It is easier to feel the difference between the older and the new version with the better looks, sound quality, an improved noise cancellation. So one will definitely feel happy to replace the older or we can say the current speakers with the Amazon Echo DOt 3rd Gen and improve the Alexa experience.

Alexa can feel a good competition with Google Home Mini which runs the Google assistant as we can say that google assistant is smarter that Alexa for home support.

But if you want to upgrade from the previous and old speakers, the all-new Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen with Alexa can improve your experience with its more powerful and smarter features.


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