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Facebook’s Popular section got off to a rough start, from suggestions of suppressing careful views to pushing bogus news reports after human editors were removed. But after some tweaks, the public network is now trying to make it easier for Facebook end users to find respected news sources that can explain why a certain term is trending.

Facebook has re-designed its Trending final results page, the one you see when you click on trends topic to learn much more about it, to “make it easier to discover other guides that are covering the history.” Now, instead of just seeing what your friends and others with open public posts are saying about a topic, you will find news stories, too. See what they’re saying by scrolling through.

The new trending final results page is available to U.S. iPhone users and should reach Android operating system and desktop computers “soon,” Facebook Product Manager Ali Ahmadi and Product Designer John Angelo wrote in an announcement.

Ahmadi and Angelo said the reports appearing in the new carousel “are determined … using a combination of factors including the engagement around the article on Facebook, the engagement around the author overall, and whether other articles are linking to it.” The duo included that “there is no established list of publications that are suitable to appear in trending.” The changes declared this week also won’t alter how Facebook selects trending matters.

In the meantime, Facebook is making it easier for people today on mobile to find trending matters in the first place. Right now, you have to tap the research box up top, but Facebook is working a “small test” whereby popular stories will show up right in your News Feed. It will show the top three stories; you can click to see a full list of trending topics or click the drop-down menu to remove it from your feed and prevent it from appearing there in the upcoming.

Facebook last year came under fire for supposedly suppressing politically careful news stories in its trending issues section. The social network said it “found no evidence” to back up that claim, but tweaked its popular topics selection process anyway, and finally ditched the human editors who were curating the section for techniques.

Trending segment will definitely help in making things and finding topics easier than on any search engines as the maximum of the population spend most of the time on the social media and helps them to see what is happening around them through such platform and popularizing it in population.

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