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India and Ukraine under air bubble arrangements amid the prevailing situation

Under the air travel arrangements between India and Ukraine, international flights set off by their respective carriers. 

In New Delhi, the Indian government removes the limit on the number of flights and seats between India and Ukraine. It is under air bubble arrangements amid the prevailing situation in the former soviet state and its neighbor Russia and leading to the fears of an invasion. 

The Ministry of Civil Aviation announce that “Any number of flights or chartered flights can operate”.

The Aviation Ministry removes the restrictions on the number of flights. Seats between India and Ukraine that implies any flight and chartered plane can operate. As there is an increase in demand, Indian airlines inform to mount flights.

MoCA rises in coordination with the MEA(Ministry of External affairs). 

It is observed that Ukrainian International flights like Qatar Airways and FlyDubai are operating flights presently from Ukraine. Amid in Ukraine, the Indian Embassy in Kyiv advises its citizens to leave the country. As there is no clarity about the war with Russia last week. The threat of a Russian attack is still real, in spite of Moscow announcing that it would withdraw some of its troops from the border. 

As the Indian Embassy in Kyiv discuss about the flights that plans in the future to meet an additional demand. The statement is “The Embassy of India receives several appeals about non-availability of flights from Ukraine to India. In this regard, students advises not to resort to panic, but book the earliest available and convenient flights to travel to India”.

Presently, India has travel arrangements with 35 countries. 

The scheduled international commercial passenger flights to and from India will remain suspended from March 23, 2020.  

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