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Our wait for the 2020 iPhones is going to end in a few months. The 2020 iPhones launch is expected in September or October. But there are already dozens of rumors about upcoming devices. We are hoping that the 2020 iPhones can be called the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro if Apple follows the same naming scheme used for the 2019 iPhone lineup.

2020 will be the first year that Apple introduces 5G support to the iPhone, allowing new devices to connect to 5G networks that are much faster than 4G LTE networks. The rumors suggest that all iPhones in the iPhone 12 lineup will feature 5G connectivity. Although it is not yet clear whether all these models will have super fast mmWave support in all countries, some countries have not implemented mmWave technology.

The upcoming iPhone 12 models in 2020 will use the Apple-designed 5-nanometer A14 chip manufactured by TSMC. The A14 chip is expected to bring speed as well as efficiency improvements. This can bring small gains in battery life to compensate for 5G, which uses additional batteries.

According to rumors, Apple would introduce four iPhones in three different sizes which is happening for the first time in a few years.

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The 2020 iPhones will feature an overhauled design with a metal frame that is similar to the iPhone 4’s frame. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s statement, the new iPhones will use a more complex segmentation design, and new trenching and injection molding procedures.

Revealed Apple’s plans for the device also show several other minor design tweaks to be noted:

  • Slightly larger camera lenses
  • Thicker antenna lines at the side for 5G
  • SIM tray relocated to the left side
  • Smart Connector-like input on the right 
  • One less speaker hole on right side of the speaker grille
  • Slightly lower power button

There will be a Lightning port too on the iPhone 12, with Apple continuing to use Lightning instead of swapping over to USB-C.

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A rumor suggests that at least one of the iPhone 12 models may come with a new navy blue finish. Apple introduced a new Midnight-Green color with the iPhone 11 Pro lineup, so it’s not unreasonable to think that a new blue color may also be in the works.

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Although Apple is expected to continue offering both higher-end (aka more expensive) iPhones and lower-end (more affordable) iPhones in 2020, all of the devices may come equipped with OLED displays this year.

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Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis believes that the iPhone 12 Pro model will have 6 GB RAM, while the iPhone 12 will have 4 GB RAM, also seen by the Leaker L0 videoder. UBS analysts also believe that four iPhones in development will feature different amounts of RAM. They are expecting a 6.7-inch iPhone with 6GB RAM, a 6.1-inch iPhone with 6GB RAM, a 6.1-inch iPhone with 4GB RAM, and a 5.4-inch iPhone with 4 GB of RAM.

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There may be some small gains in battery capacity for iPhones coming in 2020. The three capacities include 2,227 mAh (probably for a 5.4-inch iPhone), 2,775 mAh (for a 6.1-inch iPhone), and 3,687 mAh (for a 6.7-inch iPhone). A separate filing for the 2,815mAh battery suggests that the high-end 6.1-inch iPhone might have a slightly larger battery. By comparison, the iPhone 11 Pro has a 3,046 mAh battery, the 11 Pro Max has a 3,969 mAh battery, and the iPhone 11 has a 3,110 mAh battery.

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Rear Cameras

Apple made major changes to the rear camera system in the 2019 iPhone lineup, with the new triple-lens setup of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, and 2020 could bring even more camera improvements. Rumors suggest that some new iPhone models coming in 2020 will have a 3D camera, which seems to be similar to the LiDAR scanner that Apple has added to the 2020 iPad Pro model.

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Storage Space

YouTuber Jon Prosser suggested that the iPhone 12 lineup starts with the 128GB model, which means 128GB storage across the board is the minimum. Another rumor suggests that two lower-end iPhone 12 models will start with 64GB of storage while higher-end models will start with 128GB of storage.

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Touch ID?

Although not resonating with other rumors, the Taiwanese site Economic Daily News believes that at least one of the iPhones coming in 2020 will use Qualcomm-made ultrasonic fingerprint sensors.

The Economic Daily News has stated several times that under-display fingerprint sensor technology can be incorporated into at least one of the 5G iPhone models coming in 2020.

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iPhone 12 Price

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 12 will be priced at $ 649 this year, the lowest price for Apple’s OLED iPhone. The iPhone 12 will be priced from $ 649 to $ 1,099, rumored with these price estimates:

  • 5.4-inch iPhone 12: $649
  • 6.1-inch iPhone 12: $749
  • 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro: $999
  • 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max: $1,099

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iPhone 12 Release Date

Apple confirmed in its July earnings call that the 2020 iPhone 12 models are scheduled to be released later than usual. Apple CFO Luca Maestri stated that the iPhones of 2020 would be available “a few weeks later”.

This statement suggests that we can expect the iPhone 12 lineup to be released in October 2020, perhaps in the middle of the month.


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