Thousands of people have watched the video of US President Joe Biden. They discussed the terrorist attack on Afghanistan’s Kabul airport four days ago. Biden says, “we will kill you, definitely kill you, and time will also be ours”.  

Fans of Bollywood noticed that the statement sounded quite similar to a line from the 1991 film. Saudagar actor Raaj Kumar said these words.

13 Americans killed in attack

The suicide bombers from ISIS targeted Kabul airport’s crowded gates on Thursday. They killed many civilians and at least 13 US troop. Biden said to Kabul attackers we will respond forcefully and precisely at our time and at the place. Biden also says that continuing airlift missions planned to bring Americans home from Afghanistan.

Indian American is the President’s speech writer

As Biden said in remarks to the press from the White House early this evening. Few hours after the Pentagon reported 12 service members killed in two suicide blasts across the street. The US Central Command announce shortly after Biden spoke that an additional US service member killed. Biden Spoke, US. The 13 service members killed included ten Marines.

Biden warned public and privately in the days prior to the terror attacks. They threat and could disrupt the massive airlift operation, and the attacks have complicated America’s bloody final days.

Biden was very hurt 13 US troops were no more in this attack. According to Biden’s aides, it was the worst day of his young presidency. Nowadays, with thousands of people who must desperately leave Afghanistan. Biden has assigned a new task to the US military hunting down and punishing ISIS terrorists. As they murdered Americans and Afghan civilians. Vice President Biden promised to continue the airlift next Tuesday, saying the US will be out of Afghanistan.

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