Smart Phones 2019

5G is the big news word for the upcoming year with many companies doing to make 5G phones available within the year. It would appear that Samsung’s primary device too may have a 5G version.

For the previous few years, 5G has been the big start that many smartphone producers and telecom companies seem to be playing big on. As 2018 comes to an end, the excitement and notices around 5G are starting to pick up the pace, with some corporations already informing that they are making 5G smartphones for 2019. One such company is Samsung, which confirmed off a 5G prototype at the recent Qualcomm Tech Summit in Hawaii.

There have been many leaks and gossip around the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ over the previous few weeks and now, a new piece of information and facts about the phones has emerged. There may be a 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ with the model number SM-G977.  Various carriers in the US have been performing with Samsung on its 5G product, but the Korean tech giant refuses to acknowledge any such thing.

The 5G model of the coming primary has been noticed with two model numbers, SM-G977U and SM-G977N according to Galaxy Club. These could be two country-specific versions such as one for the US market and the other for the South Korean market, as advised but the U and N suffixes. Europe, where Samsung flagships hold the suffix F does not seem to have a model posted for it yet. This makes sense since the US and South Korea are two countries where 5G deployment is estimated to happen in the widest feasible range.

As of now, there is no formal word on Samsung’s next flagships smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S10 series has been rumored to come in multiple versions this year, like a Lite version. Usually, Samsung broadcast their S series flagship devices at an Unpacked event just before Mobile World Congress, and we don’t expect Samsung to make any changes to that yet. What we are not sure of is whether Samsung will also declare the 5G version of the S10 and the S10+ in this event, or save it for a later on date.

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