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Air India is now going to be a tata company. Ratan tata owner tweets this post. According to the TATA Ratan statement, We also want to acknowledge and thank the government for its recent initiative to open up certain industries to private investment. Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata tweeted a picture of his company’s former chairman JRD Tata getting off an Air India flight, shortly after the company won the bid of Rs 18,000 crore from the national carrier.

Airline Started By JRD Tata in 1946:

The story starts in 1946. This product was started by JRD Tata with great love. This is the story of air India’s rise fall rise. Many people may not know about air India being called a tata airline a long time ago When young and dynamic JRD TATA had a dream. He wanted Indians to reach the skies. JRD himself was an aviator. This airline’s first commercial flight from Karachi to Mumbai. Yes, this flight has no piloted, JRD himself flying the flight. Even before Independence, India had become a nation that could operate its own airline independently. Air India was renamed Tata Airlines in 1946. And Within 2 years air India international started Operation.

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Did you know the level of Air India control Tatas?

Airlines like airways and Singapore airlines were started. Keeping in mind air India as a model airline. Today we count these airlines among the best in the world. Air India was ideal for them to achieve. That was the level of Air India when Tatas were in control. You may not believe it. But when India went abroad to maintain foreign relations. At that time, Vijaylaxmi Pandit didn’t use any foreign airline. She travels using our own Air India.

Govt Decision About the Airline: 

Everything was going on very well. When the Govt decided to nationalize the aviation industry. If anything happened, it would be as the Govt wanted, or else it would not happen at all. Operating a private airline became illegal overnight Tata’s and 8 other airlines had no real choice. They had to give up control of their airlines to the Govt.

JRD Many tried to warn the government. He knows running an airline is not like running a govt department. Roads and railways are fine but airlines are capital intensive. They need 35 times more capital. To sustain you need to fly for 2500 hours and the current capacity is just 500 hours.

Till the last moment, JRD tried to convince the Govt departments, that if airlines come under government control. JRD known airlines under the government started politics, corruption, bureaucracy, because of all these, the company will be shut down. Now TATA owner happiness of air India comes back to the TATA company.

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