Hi I’m smart will usually get a lot of attention would be mostly end up buying more affordable ones thanks to fierce competition forms of the budget segment keep getting better and to date one can pick up a pretty powerful smartphone without spending too much, So our list of the top ten smartphones under ten thousand rupees in no particular order.

The Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus is one of our top rated phones and even though it doesn’t really stand out for anyone feature it’s what considering put his gender consistent performance it’s a nice looking form with a good display,Do all people looking for the best battery life might be disappointed.

The new LeEco Le 1S Eco is equal just supports freezes and under the price limit we’ve said feel it’s also currently available only to shed, you would fly safe but it offers good value for money good performance and a selection of free content make the lenovo it’s equal attempting by although the weekend and battery might be deep because for some.
The Cool Pad Note 3 Lite has been reliable value at a re-commendation for few months now with handy features like a fingerprint sensor and good battery life.
Camera is on downside, but if you’re concerned about running out of Paula during the day this is one of the better options in this price segment.

There’s only enough okay achieve the best results in a battery dies of all the forms in this list this deal some phone offers four G. connectivity on board sim cards the display is disappointing and like most other options its camera doesn’t really give good results.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 that is one of the strongest models on this list door at nine thousand nine ninety nine, it’s also one of the most expensive the design display performance and battery life for all praise and not if you and although the camera could stand to improve its still one of the higher rated ones at this budget level.
Much like the letter Y. P. five plus In-focus Bingo 50 makes my list not, because of any one stand out feature, but by doing reasonably well across the board it’s got a better rated camera than many other forms under ten thousand rupees though battery life could use a boost with forty support.

Like its sibling the cool Pad Note 3+ this phone is a pretty decent all grown up there’s a two thousand will be price difference between the two and for that extra money you’ve got a shop was clean and a better camera as well the trade off for the display appears to be a different battery life and that’s our primary concern than the north the lights might be the better choice.

LG K7 LTE give seventy nearly didn’t make our list of because of the huge compromises with its camera and relatively high price given its features and the competition however the design of this form coupled with excellent battery life has been secured a spot.

The Infocus Bingo 21 match up with the other models on this list in terms of features all performance but it comes in at under five thousand rupees which is how would owned it’s parked if you’re looking for a phone with great battery life at a very low price then this could well be the one you want. The display and camera frankly quite bad but these and build quality coupled with four G. support could make this bingo 21 what they’ve put a lot of people.

The Karbonn Quattro L50 HD is one of the lowest cost smartphones available today, but it still doesn’t compromise on much if you’re on an extremely tight budget and I’m looking for a phone that’s all around okay then this might be the right choice for you.

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