Independence Day

History recognizes August 15, 1947, as the day India was born. Every year, the streets of India adorned with the tricolors of the national flag.

It is a proud moment for everyone as we approach the 74th Independence Day on August 15, 2020. This yearly observance has extraordinary importance. This day is celebrating for remembering our fearless leaders and warriors of history. On this great occasion, schools usually come up with a lot of interesting independence day celebrations. Activities to help kids learn more about the significance of the day.

Some activities that we observe each year in schools on Independence Day are art and craft exercises, drawing and painting activities on this day, and perusing history storybooks, and much more. Are you running out of ideas as the special day is near?

Have a look at the great Ways To Celebrate Independence Day

Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

Flag Hoisting

Hoisting the tricolor is the first and foremost activity. In fact, the true celebration is incomplete without this. Followed by flag hoisting, it is very common to sing the national anthem together which triggers the spirit among kids.

Teachers and parents can take initiatives beforehand to help the kids memorize the national anthem so that they can sing along with all proud and happy feeling.

Vande Mataram Fest

The Vande Mataram poem has a great significance on this special day as we know how our freedom fighters inspired and motivated. The uniqueness of this song is its versatility and it is truly emotional.

A fest arranged where kids perform small to large groups to perform on Vande Mataram. It can be anything from vocals, shadow dancing, or drama to classical dance performances which can grace the occasion. Parents also invited as part of the program and give them an opportunity to feel proud with their kids.

Show a Patriotic Movie

It would be a good idea to show a patriotic movie on the big screen. Choose movies that include significant incidents that paved the way to freedom and that shows the spirit of fraternity.

You may have a good session after the film where children can share their understandings or perspectives from the film. Of course, interesting movies can make a lasting impact on the understanding of perspectives that students have about the subject.

Patriotic Costume Contest

This is a truly interesting activity that can be absolutely exciting for center school and secondary school students.  Kids can dress up as freedom fighters in this special fancy dress competition. They can even include unique items such as spectacles and walking sticks for Mahatma Gandhi. Subhash Chandra Bose’s cap, and rose for Nehru to make the activity more colorful.

This is sure to give a sense of feeling of patriotism. And for not only the participants but also for the kids who are on the audience side.

Independence Day in India

Independence Day Theme Party

Just like any other occasion, arranging a theme party helps to get an overall feel of the special day. Each action for the day can motivate some shading mixes from our national flag or related images. The organizers can make an effort to make the food menu based on themes by including tri-colored food items.

Theme based games can be made a piece of the gathering and the champs might be given a national flag. 

You may also arrange subject-based competitions where children can work in little gatherings to make it a success. 

Explaining Independence Concepts through Nature

School teachers and authorities can make a brilliant step to take kids for a tree plantation drive. This is a great way to explain the concepts of the special day through nature. As we enjoy the hard-earned independence, it is really important to preserve our environment.

The life of trees can be set as an example to convey the ideas of unity and diversity. The growth of trees is remarkable in clusters that show the significance of unity. Similarly, the concept of diversity can also be seen when different kinds of trees support each other for survival.

Organize Independence Day Quiz

Children will be truly interested to take part in quizzes and Independence Day exceptional tests can be significant all the more fascinating. The questions can be true based on history, freedom fighters, special events, and happenings on the struggle towards freedom, important dates to remember, and a lot more.

The quiz can be arranged for kids in single, couple, or groups and interesting prizes can be announced beforehand to make it more exciting.

T-shirt painting

It is very normal to see children and teachers come up in outfits dependent on tricolor for Independence Day. However, it will all be bought from the shops and kids would be eager to select the best from the collections.

However, you can try the T-shirt painting a part of this event where kids can do tricolor painting on white t-shirts. The personalized t-shirts designed through hand painting can add more thrill and make the day special. Give an idea about what to do and you will be surprised to see how creative the students are when they are given such opportunities.

Independence Day Celebrations

Flag Relay

It can be a great fun activity for school students. You all know about the rules and regulations of the normal relay race. In this Independence Day special relay race, the kids have to run with national flags and they have to pass it to the team member to take it all the way to the final spot.

They can have a lot of fun while the physical exercise keeps them strong and healthy. Moreover, this sports activity instills them the feeling of patriotism and gives a lot of confidence in teamwork.

Independence Day Games

There are a lot of games that can be organized as part of the special day. You may arrange a musical chair game where the songs played can be Vande Mataram or such songs of relevance for the day. Or you may go for crossword puzzle games where words can be related to freedom fight events, special patriotism symbols or words that invoke national pride.

The four corners game can be perfect for the occasion where each corner represents North, South, West, and East India. Kids can run from one corner to another while music is played and they have to remain in the current corner when the music stops. If a kid is standing in a corner of North India, he has to answer a question based on the place.

Organize Plays or Skits

This is an exciting activity that can make the celebrations more colorful. Kids can take this opportunity to enact any prominent happening in history that showcases patriotic feelings. Teachers can use this chance to help kids to have a closer look at the incidents in history.

Letting them know about how our freedom fighters give their best to get us the freedom through interesting scripts can make them feel proud of our heroes. Additionally, the students viewing the plays also take a moment to understand the difficulties of our icons which inspire them to utilize the well-deserved freedom wisely.

Other than these activities, schools with large grounds come up with interesting themes like kids in large groups forming the shape of the country flag. Students are also given special gifts and sweets to make the day more special. 

It would be a great idea to let students come up with great ideas for the day. Just let them know the significance of the day and you may be surprised to learn the out of the box celebration and activities ideas from the present generation. On this day, enjoy and celebrate freedom your way.

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