Independence Day

Independence Day in India is a national occasion celebrated annually on August 15. Independence Day denotes the end of British principle in 1947 and the foundation of a free and independent Indian nation. It likewise denotes the anniversary of the partition of the subcontinent into two nations, India and Pakistan, which happened at 12 PM on August 14–15, 1947. This year, Independence Day is going to be celebrated on Saturday, August 15 in India. 

British rule in India started in 1757 when, following the British victory at the Battle of Plassey, the English East India Company started practicing authority over the nation. The East India Company managed India for a long time until it was supplanted by direct British rule in the wake of the Indian Mutiny in 1857–58. The Indian independence development started during World War-I and was led by Mohandas K. Gandhi, who supported a nonviolent and peaceful end to British principle. 

Independence Day is celebrated throughout India with flag raising functions, drills, and the singing of the Indian national anthem. Furthermore, different social programs are made available in the state capitals. After the PM takes an interest in the flag-raising ceremony at the Red Fort historic monument in Old Delhi, a parade ensues with individuals from the military and police. The prime minister then conveys a broadcast address to the nation, describing the significant achievements of India during the earlier year and plotting future difficulties and objectives. Kite flying has also become an Independence Day convention, with kites of different sizes, shapes, and hues filling the sky. Also, to honor the day, government workplaces in New Delhi stay lit all through the occasion, despite the fact that they are shut.

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Significance Of Independence Day Celebration 

We celebrate Independence Day on a vast scale in our nation. Additionally, every administration building is enhanced with tricolor lights that are orange, white, and green simply like the national flag. 

Besides, every official and office staff whether private or government must be available in the workplace for the flag lifting function and singing our National Anthem. Furthermore, there are a ton of different motivations to celebrate our independence day.


Honor The Memory Of Our Freedom Fighters

Freedom fighters battled to make our nation free from the Britishers. They were the ones who yielded their lives for the nation. On this day each resident of our nation pays tribute to them.

Moreover, the schools and universities arrange different functions to praise our independence and to pay tribute to these freedom fighters. Likewise, students act in these programs that portray the battle of our freedom fighters.

In schools and universities, students give solo and duet performances of devoted tunes. These songs fill our hearts with a sentiment of enthusiasm and love for our nation. Generally, in workplaces, it is a non-working day but all the staff and authorities assemble to communicate their nationalism for the nation. 

Likewise, at different workplaces, employees convey talks to edify individuals about the opportunity battle. Additionally, about the endeavors of our freedom fighters to make this nation an independent country. 

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To Start The Soul Of Nationalism In Youth 

The youth of our nation has the ability to change the country. By implies, somebody properly said that the future depends on the youthful age. Consequently, it turns into our obligation to serve the country and put forth every possible attempt to improve our region. 

One of the principle intentions in celebrating Independence Day is to make the youth age mindful of the sacrifices we have made to make this nation a superior spot for them. 

Generally essential, it discloses to them how our nation got freedom from the grasps of the Britishers. What’s more, about the sacrifices, our freedom fighter has made for the nation. Also, we do it to make our youngsters mindful of the historical backdrop of our nation. 

Besides, it makes them mindful of the improvement and development that occurred in the previous years. Subsequently, to make them serious about our future and careers which they set forth to improve our nation. 

To summarize it, gaining freedom from Britishers was difficult. Also, this is a direct result of the battle and difficulty of our freedom fighters that we currently live in as a free nation. On Independence Day we remember the long fight that our freedom fighters battled and sacrifices that they have made.


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