Independence Day 1

Independence Day is one of the three national occasions that are celebrated all over the nation and there is no reason to mention why not to have a great time these days! This year, 15th August is falling on a Thursday, making it a long end of the week for some as they will chip away to get a charge for a short outing from Thursday to Sunday. Obviously, the long holidays would be mundane and nobody would like to work or study, so here we rundown down seven ideas on how you can celebrate Independence Day.

Flag Hoisting Ceremony

                           Flag Hoisting

The first and most significant activity is obviously the Flag Hoisting Ceremony. It usually finishes by 7 or 8 toward the beginning of the day and you can ask one among you, ideally your society’s leader to lift the banner. However, if you can arrange for a special guest for the flag hoisting ceremony that too shall be great. But making this a closed knit program would only help in making the bond among the residents stronger.

Planting Trees

                         Tree Plantation

The following thing to motivate can be planting trees. All things considered, Global Warming is one of the most talked-about issue and very little is being done to sort this difficult situation. Independence Day is the ideal day to truly accomplish something for the earth, for our environment and what better way than planting trees. Pick a stretch in and around your society and go for planting trees. Keep in mind, just making the inner parts of our residence graceful is truly is not enough. Consequently, it joins hands to make your area wonderful and green. In fact, you can even have a ‘ Go – Green’ theme this Independence Day.

Try dress coordination: Wear tri-colored clothes

                      Tri-colour clothes

All things considered, in the event that you are remaining at home throughout the day and plan to laze around, and still, at the end of the day wear color-coordinated clothes. It will add an additional punch to your vacation feeling. In fact, ask eody in your family to wear color-coordinated clothes.  If you are planning an outing, ask eody you are meeting to be wearing the tri-color.

Cultural Activities


The night can be spent with a large group of cultural activities like music and dance performances.  However, to bring in some difference to these performances you can organize for a dance drama of course based on independence, to be performed by the residents. Dance Dramas are the ideal mix of music, songs, and theater, and the audience is sure to really enjoy it to the fullest.

Get in your chef mode and try tricolored dishes

                        Tri-color Dishes

Bake a tricolored cake or attempt tricolored dishes, for example, Rajma Rice with a green vegetable, macaroni with red and green bell peppers or a fruit bowl with fruits of all three colors.

Rangoli Competition

                         Rangoli Competition

At that point, there can be a Rangoli Competition for the women. Most kids would be out to the school to celebrate Independence Day there, and hence the fun occasions need to be kept for the later part of the day. The homemakers can make the most of their fullest in the Rangoli competition as they can utilize their ability and can even win some exciting prizes.


                   Tri-colored Food

Moving onward to the evening, great every one of the children would have returned from school and the main thing at the mind of eody’s thoughts during that time would be food. So lunch it would be. However, get a difference to that as well. Consequently, rather than getting it ordered from outside or bringing in a catering service why not enjoy your very own little trip. Divide the families into groups and each group can set one up a dish. This way not only home-made food would be ensured but it would even mean greater intimacy among residents. The great discussion would flow and help harp happiness and warmth.

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