Apple watch

Sometimes, people never know how much they really believe anything until it’s truth or falsehood becomes the matter of life and death to them, it can change drastically.

Technology like Apple that becomes so invaluable where they help who may not be able to help themselves. Here is the case of a man from California who saved his life from the Apple watch by calling emergency services on his behalf. 

If we go towards the reports, the man got into an accident near midnight on an electric bike. As he was unable to respond after falling down, the Watch the emergency services for him then first responders arrived there and discovered the man lying unconscious on the road and bleeding from the head. 

After that, the man ended up spending many days in the hospital as a result of head injury. It is possible that sometimes things could have been a lot worse where he might have bled to death had help not arrived in a timely manner. As this isn’t the first time we heard about the Apple Watch saves the life of a person who fell down, so if you know someone elderly who lives alone, it may not be a bad idea to get them an Apple Watch for such situations. 

Apple watch have contains lots of benefits :

  • Apple watch is a good fitness tracker and provides a minor motivation to keep your physical activity up. It can track your health status that also records your Blood-Oxygen levels. It can also determine your active calorie count and track your heart rate. 
  • It works as a fall detector
  • The Apple Watch can be worn easily. You can also change the straps of this watch. It is a no brainer that the Apple watch consists of sleek design for every build suitable for every occasion. You can wear this watch for any type of function or occasion. 
  • The main advantage of the Apple Watch is convenience. If you sync your Apple phone, then you can automatically call or receive the messages, especially when you are moving or driving. You can connect the caller or the message sender without looking at your phone. You can also tune into your favorite music playlist and enjoy your journey with music. 
  • Waterproof is the best advantage of the Apple watch. It comes with a warranty and assurance against any type of damage. In addition, it can withstand extreme weather conditions like icy winds or boiling temperatures. 

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