Google Maps New Features

Google Maps is one of the most reliable navigation apps, enabling users to travel to their destination using the best route while being able to discover new places along the way. Recently, Google has announced a new set of upcoming updates on the popular navigation app. While these updates are still being developed, Google has released an update that will help make navigation and navigation more comfortable and interactive.

Here’s all about the update, and how it will help make commuting a much better experience.

Google Maps To Go Colorful

Google Maps is continuously adding more detail and granularity to its map. The aim is to make it easier to see natural features. ‘Exploring a place gives you a look at its natural features – so that you can easily distinguish beaches and deserts from blue lakes, rivers, seas, and ravines. You can know at a glance what a lush and lush green field with vegetation is like, and even see if there are snowflakes on the mountains’ peaks, ”Google said in a blog post.

Google Maps 1

New features: A Lot More Details

Google Maps is getting a lot of expansion. The search giant has announced some new visual improvements and features for one of the world’s most popular navigation apps.

Google Maps 5

To Show Color Of Nature

In the new update, a densely covered forest can be classified as dark green, while an area of ​​wide shrubs may appear as a light shade of green,” Post said.

Google Maps 3

Will Be Global Roll Out

The colorful update will be available in all of the countries and territories that Google Maps is present in.

Google Maps 3

Google is Using A New Color-Mapping Algorithm Technique For This

Wondering how exactly this color-mapping technique works? This is what Google has to say: “We have to use computer vision first, to identify natural features from our satellite imagery, especially looking at dry, icy, wooded, and mountainous areas. We analyze these characteristics and give them a range of colors HSV color models. Like, a densely covered forest can be classified as dark green, while an area of patchy shrubs could appear as a lighter shade of green.”

Google Maps 6

Google Maps To Add Detailed Street Information

In addition to being colorful, Google Maps is getting new features for pedestrians. Users will soon be able to see highly detailed road information that shows the exact size and width of a road for scale. They will also be able to see where footpaths, crosswalks, and more are located.

Google Maps 2

To Roll Out In London, New York, San Francisco Initially 

According to Google, the detailed street maps feature will roll out in London, New York, and San Francisco in the coming months. More cities will be added over time.

As Google Maps turns 15 years old, the product is getting slightly rebuilt with a new icon, new navigation tabs, and new features. 

To make these features more useful to everyone, Google Maps users will be invited to participate in a short survey about their experience on recent visits.


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