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If you think that you are free from these dangerous coronavirus diseases, you are wrong. It’s again increasing day by day. Especially in crowded areas but still, people don’t use precautions.

Stopping the spread starts with you

Wear a mask.

Clean your hands.

Maintain a safe distance.Get vaccinated.

As we know the rainy season is full of moisture. Every news channel  highlighted the  flood, landslide and many natural disorders we heard everyday. All these climate changes, human beings can’t control. Living a Healthy lifestyle  is the solution to this problem.

As the government took steps for lockdown the recovery rate increased and danger was shuttered.

Some months ago the recovery rate was high So the government decided that Lock down should be removed.Due to which people again showed negligence and people stopped doing social distancing and wearing masks.

Now the cases of every state are getting more in which the death rate is more, that is why the government did it: School and colleges should be closed. 

All Over India active cases:

The COVID-19 cases rises again and the active cases is 3,87,987

And the death rate in the last 24hr is 41,195.

Now have a look all states active cases:

Kerala active cases (23,500)

Maharashtra active cases (5,560)

Andhra pradesh (1,869)

Tamil nadu (1,964)

Karnataka (1,826)

Best bengal (296)

Delhi (37)



In India two vaccines are used that are covaxine and covishield. Those who have got both the two doses, the same people can travel to the other state, there is some relaxation for them but they also need to be careful. Many people are also like this: Those who have not even had the first vaccine, because of which those people are getting sick of Corona soon. 

The Maximum States CM has made this decision that if the cases are not reduced and people do not follow the rules, then there may be a lockdown in the future. Corona cases are increasing not only in India but all over the world. But according to the union health minister updating the data on Tuesday the recovery rate has increased to 97.45%.

Women self help group

Prime minister Narendra modi on thursday appreciating the self help group womens during this COVID-19 situation the nation during the pandemic by producing masks, sanitizer and awareness of the people from the coronavirus.

During that event the prime minister informed us that 42crore jan-dhan-bank accounts out of 55% money held by those womens.

World health organization (WHO) report:

The WHO announced on wednesday that they prepared three Vaccines Whose he is going to take the international trial to know whether that vaccine is for covid patients or not. World health organization finding the more effective vaccine for COVID-19 patients.


By the way, everyone knows the ways to avoid corona, but there are still some people who are not fully aware of it and those who know are living carelessly.

Everyone should wear a mask to properly cover your nose and mouth.

Don’t touch your face and eyes before washing your hands properly.

Maintain social distance in a crowded area.

Avoid visiting those places: malls, markets, parks, railway stations and bus stops.

Avoid traveling only when it is very important.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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