The Taliban has captured Afghanistan’s third-largest city. After that, Thursday (2021) morning Afghanistan’s capital Kabul was captured by the Taliban. After this, the Taliban has established control over 11 of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals in a week. The Taliban’s occupation located near the Iran border is being considered a major setback for the Afghan government.

Taliban victory over Herat Kabul and Ghazni 

The Taliban’s captured Herat is a very big prize for the Taliban. Taliban fighters also captured government offices. Meanwhile, the capture of Ghazni cut off the essential highway linking Kabul to southern provinces of Afghanistan some 20 years after the U.S. invaded and ousted the Taliban government. Kabul is now in danger because Kabul has no security at this time. At this time no one is safe in this place, especially children, women, and girls. Kabul is on high alert at that time.  

Taliban victory about Afghanistan US, America, India and Germany ask citizens to leave the country

Taliban attacks and victory over Afghanistan US and Germany asked their citizens to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible. The US and Germany ask all citizens to leave Afghanistan before closing a commercial fight. At an equivalent time, America has said that it’ll still operate its deputation. India has also announced that its embassy in Kabul will be operational now.

 Afghan capital could captured Taliban within 90 days

US official says the situation in Afghanistan is going in the wrong direction. Afghanistan’s capital, Farah, southwestern of Kabul, was taken by Taliban fighters on August 11, 2021. The speed of the Taliban fighters sparked U.S President Joe Biden’s decision to come back U.S troops and tell the Afghan government to fight alone. After removing the U.S troops from Afghan security forces, Taliban fighters near several major cities on Thursday, U.S,  intelligence officials warned that Afghanistan’s capital city and seat of government within 90 days.

Pakistan and China praised Taliban’s 

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan praised on Monday the Taliban’s capture of power in Afghanistan. The Taliban returning has also been described by him as a “breaker of slavery”. Pakistan and China praised the Taliban and said great rule for women, youth, and people who believe in modernist ideas.

THE TALIBAN’S RETURN IS CATASTROPHIC FOR WOMEN, Women Are Already Disappearing In Taliban’s ‘Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan’

TALIBAN’S Return is catastrophic for Afghanistan women are not safe, freedom. A few times ago, I have seen how hard this country’s women have to fight for their freedom. But again, the same situation about women.

The victory of TALIBAN’S scene Hamid Karzai International Airport 

After the Victory of TALIBAN’S in the Hamid Karzai International Airport, the scene is very scary. On Monday, one video and some images went viral on the jet bridge at the airport. Many people were trying many ways to climb onto the jet bridge. As a result of panic at Kabul airport and shooting by foreign forces, at least 40 people have been killed. Many Afghan people are trying to free the Taliban from hanging on to a US military plane, and after that five other people are. Afghan people are trying to free the Taliban. Some people were hanging on US military planes, and after that, they fell down from the plane and died. For more updates visit our other blogs related to this news. 

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