makar sankranti

As per Hindu religion, Sun considers to be the King of all planets. Makar Sankranti tributes the expedition of the sun to the Northern Hemisphere. Makar is the Sanskrit word that means capricorn and Sankranti means transition. Therefore, the Sun’s transformation from Sagittarius to Capricorn sign in the northern hemisphere, during winter is Makar Sankranti. This day celebrates on 14th of January every year. This process stays until July 14. 

After Lohri celebration, the festival Makar Sankranti celebrated. In this festival, there are a number of sweets.

Makar Sankranti celebrates in many states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Sukarat in Madhya Pradesh, Bhogali Bihu in Assam and West Bengal. The another name of Makar Sankranti is Khichdi in UP. 

In the Northern part of India, people celebrate this festival in a religious way and devotion to commemorate Surya. People holy dip in Ganga river which is very popular in Hindu religion. There is a huge rush in places like Haridwar,  Banaras, and Allahabad on this auspicious day.  

Celebration of Makar Sankranti 

There is a universal concept of kite flying at this festival and several contests happens. In Tamil Nadu, this festival celebrates over four days and conflicts with the third day of “Thai”. It is a four day festival in Andhra Pradesh. In Karnataka, people consume sugarcane, fried til and coconut. 

In Punjab, the day before Makar Sankranti celebrates as Lohri, and followed by prayers, sings songs of prosperity, and dances by males and females.

Makar Sankranti is equal with events like fairs, especially Kumbh Mela, which happens every 12 years at the Holy Cities of Haridwar, Ujjain and Naishik.

The moral of this day is to bring sweetness in life and relationships and pray for the well-being and prosperity of one another. If you understand the meaning behind this festival then, this makes us more aware of nature’s true worth and bounty! Stay safe and healthy.

Wish you all a very Happy Makar Sankranti!

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