happy republic day

As this is our 73rd Republic Day. Every year, 26th January celebrates as a national holiday in India. We celebrate this day to the historic sacrifices that led India to be Sovereign, independent nation. On 26th of January, the country comes together and annually celebrates Republic Day. People proudly host the Indian Flag to mark this day.

Celebration of Republic Day

In the celebration of Republic day, there are military parades, hosting of the national flag held in Delhi. The President and Prime Minister are present at this celebration. There is a performance of stunts and performed by defense military forces and professionals who make it like a spectacular show. This day celebrates all over the world. Live cast of the Republic Day Parade make visible to millions of people who wish to view the parade on the internet or Television. On the smaller scale, they hold in all state capitals, where the Governor of the state flares the flag. This occasional day celebrates at district headquarters, subdivisions, talukas, and panchayats.

india flag

This day radiates the warmth, the fervor and spirit of independence. It shows how freedom fighters and patriots  sacrifices for India. It is the day of representation of India’s diversity and secularism. Students, adults, everyone cheers up to celebrate this day with exciting enthusiasm. We should proud to be Indian and this unity personifies the spirit of Republic Day. After the celebrations, the breaking out takes place and it officially denotes the end of the Republic Day festivities. All the Government buildings are decorated beautifully with yellow lights every evening from 26th to 29th. At 6pm, the National Flag is low, and the National Anthem sings, brings the Republic Day Celebrations to the end.

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