Keep yourself safe and also others! Follow some instructions and protect yourself and those near you

  • First of all, get vaccinated as soon as possible and follow the guidelines after vaccination.
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 1m from others, whether they are sick or not. Avoid going in the crowd and close contact. 
  • Wear mask properly if physical distance is not possible and in bad air-conditioned settings.
  • Most importantly, always clean your hands with alcohol-based handwash or soap and water.
  • You have to cover your nose and mouth with the help of an elbow or tissue if you cough or sneeze. 
  • If you observe the symptoms or test positive for Covid-19, keep yourself away from others and also your family members until you recover. 
  • Keep sanitizer with you always wherever you go.

Wear a clean mask and wear it properly

  • Remember to wear a clean mask that covers your mouth, nose, and chin.
  • Wear the mask on your face with clean hands, before and after taking it off. 
  • When you remove your mask, put it in the plastic bag and wash it every day whether it is of fabric or dispose of it if is the surgical mask.
  • Don’t use a mask that is used through a passage or pipe.
  • Keep your home ventilated and safe, avoid the crowd.
  • Update with local advice around yourself. 

Maintain and Make Your Environment Safer

The risk of becoming a patient of covid-19 is increasing day by day, especially in crowded and ventilated places where people spend long periods of time together. Mostly people gathered in the places like restaurants, fitness classes, choir practices, nightclubs, offices, and places of worship. Follow some instructions to maintain your environment neat and clean and safe:

  • Don’t go to places that are especially closed, crowded, or close contact. 
  • Avoid outdoor gatherings as it is safer than indoor ones.
  • And if you can’t avoid crowded places then, please take precautions like opening the window to keep cross ventilation, and wearing the mask.

Maintain your Health by keeping Good Hygiene

  • Clean your hands regularly and then cook or eat the food. 
  • Make sure that surfaces should be clean and disinfected which are regularly touched, like your phone, door handles, faucets.
  • Avoid street foods as it will make your body ill and increase tiredness so better to have fresh fruits and stay healthy. 

If you are not feeling well so follow some instructions like

  • Have covid-kit at your home if someone not feeling good. 
  • Update yourself about the cases around you and the latest information from trusted sources like WHO or national health authorities.

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