In simple language, education is the knowledge received from school or institution of teaching as a whole. It can also refer to the act of teaching knowledge to others and receiving knowledge from others. Briefly, we can say that, by developing skills, knowledge and understanding of the world, that helps you act independently. It allows you to differentiate between the good and bad ideas that gives you a space to argue or play with the ideas, so that you could test how they fit to your world.

Difference Between Developed Education and Modern Education

Developed Education

Developed Education also known as Traditional or conventional Education. The main motive of traditional education is to pass on the values, skills, manners, and also the social practice. In this education, students learn about the traditions and customs of the society in which people live. This education imparts the students by means of oral recitation. 

The students simply sit together and pay attention to the teacher. It does not include written tests, it only includes oral tests which are not formal. Traditional Education is distant from the use of science and technology. It does not include the science we study today in detail is relay in the traditional education system. In a simple way, we can say that Developed Education includes knowledge only about customs, traditions, and religions. 

Modern Education

Modern Education is totally different from the traditional or developed education. The education that is taught in schools today is called Modern Education. It teaches the skills needed today which are the skills of science and technology, science of medical science, etc. If we talk about listening, it includes writing, imagining, visualizing, and thinking skills. This education also includes writing skills to examine if students are studying properly or not which is done in a formal way.

Developed Education Vs Modern Education 

These educations are both related to each other and also different from each other. Our history says, in the early time, there were no schools. Students acquires the knowledge from their ancestors. In that early time, this knowledge focussed only on the skills required for survival. For example, the people who lived in the jungle educates from their ancestors who teach them to hunt for their food. How to make tools from wood, and use of animal skins for different purposes. Teachers teach the stories of their Gods and Kings from which they can learn the morals.

Kings used to send their sons to schools and named as Gurukuls in India. In gurukuls, teachers teach how to use the weapons, how to protect others or themselves and also how to attack their enemies. They teach the basic principles for ruling the empire. These are the types of schools which are not for the local people. These are only for the royal families. Other children in the empire learnt the skill which their parents possesses from them. This is called the establishment of modern education. 


It is difficult to say which education is best. Both have their own importance. Both are different to each other and also same to each other. Modern Education is elevated from developed Education. 

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