Technology refers as the systems, devices, and methods which are the reaction of scientific knowledge. For example, washing machines, refrigerators, windows, cars, flooring material, or toys.

Technology divided into several parts:

  • Mechanical
  • Electronic 
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Communications

Day by day, technology changes. The process of innovation or invention, diffusion of technology, and this process knows technological development or technological change.

Technology has changed in many ways

  • Economically, technology changed with the increase in the efficiency of products or processes that results in an increase in output, without an increase in the input. 
  • Technology has changed in an advanced way like how we entertain ourselves, reach each other, consume all different types of media.
  • If we talk about the revolutionary technology, it has a major impact on human kind’s production patterns and different lifestyles.
  • Companies like Amazon recoveres their value as compared to other companies, which delayed.
  • Technology drastically transformed our societies and our daily lives.
  • If we talk about social media, smartphones, and healthcare, these are also becoming so advanced.
  • Technology changed rapidly day by day in major sectors over the past 5 years, which includes media, climate, and also healthcare.
  • Some technologies think for expanding the communications for work with the help of advanced bandwidth for video streaming and other media consumption which is common today.
  • Today, scientists are looking to technology to make us concentrate on a carbon-neutral world. Green-tech brings a new investment opportunity for tech investors after the crash.
  • If we talk about healthcare or biotech, many tech firms focus on disease and treatment research and many others focuses on healthcare delivery. 
  • Many companies mainly focussed their healthcare tech on patients, as compared to doctors. Earlier two decades have seen healthcare tech get more personal and use tech for care delivery.

At the same time, some companies rise to the occasion of trying to conflict the issues which arise from the first group of internet content moderation, explaining climate change solutions.

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