Netflix is a web-based streaming service that offers TV shows, movies, and documentaries, that viewers can watch online. It has more than 100 million subscribers across 190 nations. It started as a mail-order DVD rental service back in 1997. Netflix was launched in Australia at the beginning of April of 2015 and has developed exponentially since then. To have a better understanding of what Netflix offers, read the blog, it will be shedding light on it.

Do I get a trial free of cost?

Well, here gets things a bit interesting. Netflix offers a one month free trial period to explore the services of Netflix. You get a 30-days free trial, however, to activate the account on Netflix, one needs to put up the credit card or PayPal details. You can discontinue your membership before the completion of the one month free trial period, else, if the trial period is over, you will be charged for the next month.

Netflix keeps you reminding of the next month’s subscription prior to the completion of the on-going month. However, it is advisable to set a reminder for yourself, so that you won’t end up paying extra for another month when you had planned to discontinue using the services.

What are the membership benefits?

The trial period or first 30 days are free for the new member, however, if you feel like this is the platform that you enjoy spending time on, well you can choose to continue its services by paying the membership fee. Netflix offers three membership plans, you can choose as per your requirement. It gives you the freedom to pick the services that you like and pay for it.

By picking the membership plan, you can also specify the number of users to stream this platform at the same time. Likewise, you will decide if you want to opt for Standard Definition [SD], High Definition [HD] or Ultra High Definition [UDH]. 

  1. Basic Plan: It is the Standard Definition[SD] plan, in which only 1 screen is watchable at once. 
  2. Standard Plan: This is the High Definition[HD] plan, and you can watch on 2 screens at the same time. 
  3. Premium Plan: This contains both the High Definition[HD] just as the Ultra High Definition[UHD] and 4 different gadgets can be at the same time utilized. 

How Netflix generate revenue?

The answer to this question is a Subscription Fee to Netflix. When Netflix Subscribers pay a certain amount to avail of a package from Netflix, Netflix generates revenue from there. The subscription fee is charged monthly, hence, Netflix earns every month for the type of subscription one opts for. The charges for the three plans discussed above may differ demographically.

What is the reason for the blockbuster success of Netflix?

Netflix works as per the Three C Model, which hampered its publicity and led to its success worldwide. The Three C’s are:

Convenience, Cost, and Content.

It gives you the liberty to choose the time, place and even the gadget you want to watch the series, movies on. One may choose to watch a single episode or the whole season in one go. It is all about the convenience of the viewer.


In comparison to our access and watchable time of television and the amount we pay for the recharges of the connection, Netflix is a much cheaper approach. It not only gives you the freedom to access whenever and from wherever, but also gives access to various screens to watch uninterruptedly.


It serves every genre from comedy to thriller, stand-up comedy to family drama, detective files to horror, real-time incidents to blockbuster movies. It focuses on diversity and delivers quality in terms of content.

These are the reason that every person is looking forward to subscribing to Netflix. And a lot has changed in the process, people are switching from old trends of television to the new development of technology.

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