Saregama Carvaan

Music is a stress-buster and Saregama has come with a product that touches the heart and soul of a person. The melodies that remind the old & easier time, bestowed by none other than Saregama Carvaan, featuring inbuilt 5000 classic songs of the past era which can be listened without the need of an internet connection. The design is what help it stand out of the crowd; the body is a bit boxy resembling the old radio set that catches the eyes of the people towards itself. Let’s read about the functions featuring on the radio set.

Saregama Carvaan

Design, Features and many more:

Although the looks are pretty old, the Saregama Carvaan supports all new types of external data storage devices like a Pendrive to play from the stored collection. It also comes with Bluetooth capabilities so other devices can be connected to it and you can listen to your favorite songs. The FM radio-enabled device lets you set the frequency to tune to your desired Radio Stations.

Saregama Carvaan

Carvaan is compact and weighs about 1.5kgs. It has a plastic body and metallic and plastic build handle. The front of the radio has three small metallic buttons assigned for Artists, Specials, and Geetmala to choose from. In addition to the LCD, the gadget has two small buttons that allow you to skip from one song to another, and a grill that hides the two speakers.

Saregama Caravaan Front

Towards the right side, it has volume dial and a 3.5mm port below the volume dial to connect your headphones. On the left side, the buttons provide with four options to choose from where you would like to listen to your favourite song; it has Saregama, USB/Aux-in, FM/AM, Bluetooth. On the top of the device, it has a power button. There are two USB ports on the back: one for playing music, one for charging the device, and one for resetting the device.

Saregama Carvaan Features
Saregama Caravaan Features

How does it work?

The Carvaan when switched on for the first time, turn to the Saregama Mode on Geetmala with songs ranging from the year 1952 to 1979 out of which you can choose to the son or genre by turning and different tracks on the list. The mode can be switched from Geetmala to Artistes to Specials.

The songs can be chosen from the genres by turning the knob or clicking on the next or previous buttons. The drawback is that the display does not display the list of the songs, but the songs are picked randomly. And it is quite difficult to go to the previous song if the song has been skipped.

It is the same for songs on a USB drive, but in FM radio, you can adjust the frequency by moving the knob, allowing you to experience the old-fashioned radio experience. During the Bluetooth mode, the device can be paired with other devices with ease and gives a pleasure to listen to the songs on the Saregama Carvaan.


The Saregama Carvaan can be used while connected to the wire and it can also be used when on battery. The battery life is quite promising; the device can be used for 6 long hours and it does not affect the performance.

Saregama Caravaan- Portable Music Player

One can say that this is the device which can be used by the old music lover, but it gives freedom to listen to something in your own song-list. It has great looks, easy to use, quite loud than other gadgets in the same range, and up to 5000 collections of songs yet it needs some of the improvements  in vocal-led and battery life to make it one point solution.

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